Private Consultations

Private Consultations with your Pharmacist at Eddie's Pharmacy
Professional billing services available as well as prior authorization assistance

When it comes to your health and wellness needs, knowledge is important; so is having access to your health care provider on a one-on-one basis.

So what is a Private Consultation?

A Private Consultations is an opportunity for you to raise any questions, concerns or seek professional advice when it comes to your health, medication or treatment in a private and comfortable setting.

What can I discuss in a Private Consultation?

  • Review your medical history
  • Ask general questions about your current condition
  • Available treatment options, the pros and the cons
  • Prescription options available to you
  • Proper management of your prescribed medication
  • Medication therapy management and disease state management programs
  • Adherence methods and tools to suit your particular set of needs and lifestyle
  • Wellness programs to support your recovery and overall health
  • Natural medicines and nutritional supplements
  • Billing and cost of your prescribed treatment


What should I bring to my Private Consultation?

  • Medical History
  • Current prescriptions
  • Current treatment plan
  • Any Supplements you may be taking

How long is the Private Consultation?

Private Consultations generally take up to 90 minutes

To schedule an appointment call us at (310) 358-2400, or fill out our Appointment form.